Read Top Juicers Reviews and Find out Which is Best

Juicing and blending became an important part of healthy living. You may fill your everyday food with nutritious elements out of fresh fruit, vegetables and greens. There are possibilities to blend soups, cook marinades and other stuff to help you in kitchen. There are also commercial blenders and juicers which can help serve healthy food options to visitors in your café or restaurants.

Top juicers reviews are great for choosing the best machine for your home. It’s important to find consumer reports and read opinions about different models. But remember that popular items do not always mean that they are marvelous and can’t be beaten by competitors. Anyway, top rated machines are always a good purchase.


So, let’s decide what are the best juicers and blenders on the market for your home purposes. With reading our reviews you can get to know whether you can juice wheatgrass with the help of juice extractors or if it’s good for big and hard vegetables. There is a huge amount of processors and each has the certain place on the market.

Omega Juicing Machines – best home decision

If you look at recommended juicers with all types of technologies, you may find optimal models of Omega producer. This brand is one of the most popular on the market, you can reach good price and specs correspondence. It’s always in TOP 10 juicing machines and shows its efficiency constantly even among latest devices of other brands. The ratings of Omega J8006 are insane because of its great quality and all-purpose possibilities. You can read our honest review of Omega 8006 Juicer and find out more.

There is a big amount of squeezer models in Omega’s catalog. And one of them is the BMJ330 – compact and small item with very important self cleaning option. It’s quite interesting that this juicing machine is in the list of the easiest juicers to clean up. So, you may find it useful if time saving is needed. Another interesting option of the producer for the budget amount of money you certainly have is Omega 8005 Nutrition Centre.

Breville decisions for optimal home juicing

Fruit and vegetables can be easily smashed and squeezed in pressers of Breville company. This is quite popular brand with lots of bestsellers in the catalog. One of the company’s most popular item is Breville BJE510XL – you may read its full review in our publication. Powerful commercial motors and a couple of exquisite options make the device really wonderful for any buyer.

The product range of the producer is really big, so you can easily find the best idea to choose. Do you like small and compact decisions in your kitchen? Than Breville BJE200XL – kitchen system with all purposes to use in your home – would be a great choice. Read our review about exclusive features of the model. But it isn’t the whole range of the company. There are a lot of solid versions for any variant of using.

Jack LaLanne Juicers and competitors on the market

Speaking about Jack LaLanne, we may at first think of its bestseller Power Juicer PRO. We described all features, pluses and minuses in our review of Power Juicer Series with comparison. But there are also other decisions which are out of top ten market leaders but still are great for prospective buyers to know about. Let’s look at JLSS Power Juicer Deluxe and its optimal features:

  • extra large feeder is great fro putting whole fruit, even big apples are ok;
  • yield comparison with even more expensive models shows you advantage of Power Juicer;
  • very quiet work of motor but 3600 RPM which is great characteristics;
  • high quality parts made of stainless steel (some inner parts are plastic though);
  • very affordable price and really small amount of price competition on the market.

This kind of processor is one of the cheapest pieces of technology to produce optimal juice. All soft fruit and even some vegs can be easily converted into great nutritious liquid, but it’s surely not for greens. All potential competitors are of higher prices and need to be seen as the next cost group. So, there is a huge amount of pluses and visible pros for this technology unit for your kitchen.

Is it good to buy combo juicer and blender for household?

A lot of buyers want to save money and buy a multipurpose device with lots of possibilities. But as you understand in combo juicer-blender all functions work not as good as in top of the line juicing machines and number one blenders. Though, you really can save up your money with this easily. We reviewed combos on the market and posted the comparison in our vision of available juicer-blender machines.

To say the truth, these all in one machines are really good when you look at description. But in working with them only beginners will be glad. An optimal blending unit is quite compact and the juicer can take any products you want. The combos can’t make any task with full achievement. But it still can be the way to go into healthy lifestyle.

What reusable Smoothie Cups to buy on the market?

One interesting feature of healthy lifestyle of today is that you can bring your self prepared food anywhere with you. Make some cups of tasty smoothies and take it in the comfortable cup with lid and reusable straw. We made comparison of the most popular smoothie cups in our recent publication.

Current models of reusable cups are great to use. Vitamix, Ninja and other companies propose their green and healthy solutions to take your food with you. Some items can be used to carry coffee or other drinks you prepare at home. These are great ideas for sports people, office workers and everyone who is taking to the healthy life.

Blenders in our life – how to choose appropriate blender for you?

To provide really healthy food you can’t manage you routine without a blender. This kitchen machine is great for smashing your already cooked food or preparing any kinds of marinades, sauces and other liquid stuff. You will certainly change your eating habits if the chosen blender will show great efficiency and will serve you with all power it has. So, choosing a good machine to buy is not a simple thing at all. Let’s look at which kinds of blending machines the market can propose you.

Ninja – nutritious food for all purposes

There are professional and simple cheap blenders in this company’s catalog. You can buy Ninja Professional Blender or go to simplier Nutri Ninja Pro. In any model the customer finds a lot of pros to use. All pluses you can see in our honest comparison of Ninja and Nutribullet blenders. There is a load of bonuses while purchasing this brand’s propositions:

  • up-to-date shape and design which takes not a lot of space on the kitchen;
  • powerful motors with a solid reserve capacity and a big warranty of producer;
  • good customer responds and a lot of recommendations of chefs and specialists;
  • long lasting blades in optimal shape which you can buy as a replacement part;
  • great homogeneous structure and texture of any product you put into cup.

We should also note that the set of equipment in Ninja Blenders is quite great. It also costs a little bit less than other variants on the market. Read our comparison of Ninja blenders and solid Vitamix propositions. Look at Ninja Master Prep which is compact and very easy to clean variant of small blending device. It’s single serve option for those who don’t want to stay in the kitchen long.

Vitamix and Blendtec – two golden middle brands of blenders

There are two companies which have always been competitors. Vitamix brand proposes middle priced technologies with up-to-date design and very efficient technical characteristics. But exactly the same thing proposes another brand which is called Blendtec. Even some models of these producers are alike in shape and specs. So, we viewed both producers and tried to find the differences between Blendtec and Vitamix.

But even with this comparison it’s not always understandable which kind of blender you should buy. All propositions of the brands are great in use. Vitamix Professional Series 750 even deserves a place in commercial kitchen and can easily be interesting for small cafes and fresh bars. The Blendtec Total Blender with nearly the same price is wonderful and can easily replace the Vitamix decision being your favoutite kitchen equipment with all-purpose usage.

Nutribullet and Magic Bullet – one producer and some differences

The last blender type we would remember in this review is Nutribullet producer which also proposes Magic Bullet brand models. With all interesting ideas for kitchen use these blenders show they best characteristics and find themselves in the top of the market. Magic Bullet and Nutribullet comparison you may read in one of our posts. As the example we can take Magic Bullet Nutribullet 12-Piece Blender with high-speed motor and such options:

  • very compact and comfortable body to reduce needed space on table or on shelves;
  • powerful 600 watt motor is a great decision – you can find also 900 watt models;
  • blade design is absolutely unique and very good for this exactly type of model;
  • cups in the set with comfortable lids and even manual with recipes in the pack;
  • very high quality device with no problems in using according to manual;
  • no need to find replacement parts, but there are still some on the market.

By the way, you may read honest comparison of Nutribullet 600 and 900 versions. When you try to find optimal equipment for kitchen, you’ll surely keep your attention on these blenders. They are great for any kind of blending and can smash nearly any food you’d like to blend. Though, there are still some reviews which see the Nutribullet products as not very sufficient. We propose you to keep attention on the majority of responds which recommend buying this equipment. By the way, if something is broken, you can still buy replacement set of blades and cups for Nutribullet.

Nutritious food and healthy lifestyle with optimal juicers and blenders

If you’d like to go for healthy food, lose weight and gain optimal shape, the blenders and juicers will become your best friends. They propose to prepare great natural food in just some seconds. You may understand that these ideas are great for healthy living only having bought them. For beginners it’s necessary to choose optimal technologies to make good first impression on the buyer.


If you purchase a bad example of juicer or blender, it’s not the reason to give up the idea of healthy lifestyle. Read more reviews and find optimal variants of kitchen systems and other equipment. Choosing a brand is really hard because all producers deserve your attention. But you can still find your favorite company and purchase only its products.

Make your health with your own hands – buy equipment for nutritious food options and find optimal ideas among all propositions.