Breville BJE200XL: Compact Juice Fountain 700-Watt Extractor Review

For healthy living you need healthy food and lots of vitamins. Consume freshly made juice which can be extracted right on your kitchen. There is no need to buy extra expensive machines for that. Let’s have a look at Breville BJE200XL. This is quite compact, not very expensive and absolutely astonishing piece of technology for home.

Comparing Breville even to more expensive variants of juicers you’ll find a lot of pros in this juice extractor. It works really fast, produces lots of juice from a single fruit or vegetable and is absolutely easy to clean up. So, it won’t take your time to maintain it in optimal condition.


Also the form of juicer BJE 200 XL is marvelous. The full production name of the machine is Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain 700-watt juice extractor. So, let’s look at the features of this wonderful kitchen system which doesn’t even go up to 100 USD in its price.

Breville BJE 200 reviews and opinions

We’ll start with looking at 700 watt motor. In a best budget model of juicer you are unlikely to see such powerful main unit. So, it’s a real pro of 200 XL. We also can note that optimal shape gives possibility to spare place on your kitchen table. The extractor doesn’t need lots of space to operate. There are some additional things to mention:

  • put the whole fruit into JE200XL and it’ll make the juice for you;
  • you can still use not only fruit and vegs, there are other options;
  • titanium cutting instrument is strong and stainless steel parts are top-grade;
  • compact and clever construction makes it easy to clean up the unit;
  • 10 year warranty for a motor and some other parts of the juicer.

The problem might appear when you want to repair your BJE200. Replacement parts are hugely demanded on the market, but they are not on sale from producer. So, you better take care of your purchase if you want it to serve longer. And still problems with replacement parts are not as huge as they are seen in reviews.

What are the competitors of Breville BJE200XL on the market?

We can name huge amount of competitors for this Compact Fountain Juicer. There are lots of producers in this sphere and niche of the market. We can name at list The Nutri-Stahl Juicing machine or Bellemain production offers. Nearly all competitors have the same motor type. But 200XL is one of the most quiet in its circle.

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Also we can add that Breville’s production is quite great, so you won’t find any problems with your juicer operation. In some cheaper juicers there are usual problems and also troubles with parts for replacing. All cheap electric motors are also very noisy. To see all distinguished features you may rely on customer reviews.

Breville BJE200XL vs Breville JE98XL

One of the most interesting competitors for our reviewed Breville BJE200 is the juicer of the same production – Breville JE98XL. This one offers also quite interesting features and optimal motor functioning. Let’s look at its possibilities:

  • very high rated product among customers – good reports;
  • great motor power of 850 watt is bigger than that of previous model;
  • lots of technologies on board which make it easy to cook with your juicer;
  • special DVD for this model available on sale;
  • vertical position – less space on your working face;
  • easy clean up – the construction is much like BJE 200 XL.

These optinons and ideas bring the thought to buy JE98XL instead of other juice extractors of its kind. But you need to know that the price for this one is nearly half bigger than BJE200. Anyway, if you want more power and less problems with construction, then pay more for Breville JE98XL.

So, what kind of Breville Juicer should you buy?

Finally, we discussed nearly all major pros and cons of two efficient and powerful juicers of Breville’s production. Now we’ll make a little summary about these two pieces of kitchen technology. Both devices are great for kitchen use and can cope with quite hard challenges. And still there are lots of different opinions and points of view.

Our choice is: Breville BJE200XL. We would better buy this model because of price. Difference in power is not so big, and all functions which you need on the kitchen you get in this relatively cheap device.