Breville BJE510XL Juice Fountain Multi-Speed 900-Watt: Review

For fresh juice consuming you must have an efficient juice extractor at home. There are huge amount of models which can be interesting for you, and now we’ll watch at optimal features of Breville BJE510XL. This popular juicer has lots of objective pros and can be your best friend in healthy life style.

Make a change and try to focus on fresh food and drinks with new masticating juicing machine. The Breville’s Juice Fountain Multi-Speed 900 watt juicer is a great choice for everyone. If you want to have possibility to get fresh juice at anytime and for free, get this equipment. Bet first let’s look at all features of Juice Fountain in this model.


So, 5-speed juicer model isn’t common among competitors. We should also say that with its price and 900 watts of motor power it seems the best choice. Let’s not hurry up with conclusions and look at all features which we can see in this juicing machine.

What’s good in Breville BJE510XL Juice Fountain?

The important feature is correlation between price and quality. You probably won’t get any better in competitors. BJE510 is the model which can give you lots of pros to think about. 5 speeds of motor work help to broaden the amount of herbs, fruit, vegs and other products to extract juice from. It can be cleaned in dishwasher, and it’s especially great news for cleaning haters.

If you would like to buy an effective blender, watch comparison of Nutri Ninja Pro and Nutribullet PRO in our research.

500XL is one of minority of models to clean the chute in dishwasher. The Juice Fountain Multi Speed shows its pros in ease of use. It’s really simple and not heavy, by the way. There are lots of splendid opportunities to store it in your kitchen shelves. Even in ready-to-work conditions your Breville won’t take much place. This is real Ikon Juicer of this producer. If you read Breville Juice Fountain Multi-Speed reviews, you’ll get to know all the pluses.

Are there any cons in Breville’s Multi-Speed machine?

Probably the only thing to call a con is only 1 year of warranty. It’s to small period, especially in comparison with competitors. Another possible minus is not constant juice quality. With herbs it can be too dense. Some buyers of Breville juicer from stainless steel also see other difficulties, but there are rather rare:

  • too hard to put whole fruit into the chute, you need to chop it first;
  • dependability of JE510XL may be too low if you use your masticating juicer 3 times a day;
  • it’s not very easy to repair, there are no spare parts from producer;
  • with the centrifugal construction it’s not possible to chew wheat grass;
  • some customers agree that the model vibrates a lot after a month of use.

Breville 800JEXL vs BJE510XL – let’s look at differences

If you say that you might buy 800JEXL instead of our today’s main hero, you probably didn’t see the price. It’s nearly twice bigger than that of BJE500 Juicer. You might think that 800JEXL is twice better then, but it isn’t absolutely so. We can look at major characteristics and specs of this model:

  • only 2 speeds which can be used – high and low;
  • 1000 watts motor which is really powerful and mighty;
  • lots of new expensive technologies for making your juice cleaner;
  • wide chute helps to put whole apples and even big oranges;
  • the jug for your juice is 1 liter of volume;
  • overload protection which helps make it safe to use.

So, Breville 800JEXL is really better in some ways. But we wouldn’t say that it’s totally best price juicer ever. The model is quite expensive and doesn’t usually give what you expect it to give. Though, there are really good features which can be deciding factor for you to choose the juicer type.

So, should I really buy Breville BJE510XL?

The conclusion is short enough. In its price range this kind of Juicer is ready for leadership. There are big advantages even looking at more expensive kinds of juicing machines. The question if you should buy it, is really easy to answer. If you want a solid juicing machine at home for everyday usage, and there are no strict demands, buy it and save up your money.

The final say is that BJE510XL is a great choice in low budget. If you don’t want to spends lots of money and try healthy food, make sure you have this model in your kitchen.