Breville Juicers – honest reviews and customer opinions

To have an efficient juice extractor at home is wonderful idea. You can create different mixtures of juices with personal tastes. All these juices will be full of vitamins and will give you energy for the whole day. Finding a good juice maker isn’t as simple as you may think. Today we look at Breville Juicer options and search for the best idea for your home kitchen.

Juice Fountain series is really wonderful. Nearly all top-grade machines are BPA free and ecology friendly. The cost of models isn’t so big, and every juice maker can easily cope with fruit and vegetables. You can even get the liquid out of healthy wheatgrass on some slow operating models.


Below we’ll compare every popular model of the brand and find options from other producers to replace these ones. We try to make honest reviews and tell you every good and bad feature of the products. Check the price, compare the specs to your needs and find the best variant which suits your budget. Let’s start with general overview.

Optimal features and great pluses of Breville juice makers

All new centrifugal and masticating juicers of this company can amaze you with the amount of work they can do. The powerful motors in all models are all high quality and long lasting. In body producing the company didn’t use any harmful or potentially dirty materials. So, you get really worthwhile machine with additional pluses:

  • easy control and operation with only one hand and no holding;
  • small and compact pieces of kitchen technologies for you;
  • dishwasher safe parts to clean them with no time spending;
  • a lot of replacement parts on the market for every model;
  • reasonably priced units with no extra payments for not needed things;
  • high quality of motors and optimal minimum set in the pack.

These are the pluses which you can tell about all models of Breville. Especially interesting idea is to find sales and buy the equipment even cheaper than it is really on the market. Of course, you should do a little price comparison before buying. Get to know if all Breville Juicers are really BPA free in our review.

Breville JE98XL – bestseller and great juice machine

The model JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus is a 850 watt extractor which can help you with any task you want. Centrifugal construction makes it only bad for wheatgrass and all kinds of leafy greens. With all vegs and fruit 850 watt motor can easily make great texture and taste liquid. 3 inch chute can take the whole apple if needed, so, it’s really easy to work with even in hard conditions.

All protection systems are included, so your motor won’t break down soon. The company gives 1 year of warranty which is optimal for this kind of kitchen devices. JE98XL Plus is a great choice for those who want to get lots of tasty and vitamin rich drinks from fruit. It’s surely not a professional device but the price is also not too high.

Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite – more work for more money

One more popular item in company’s production is Juice Fountain Elite series and exactly 800JEXL model. It’s twice more expensive than the previous model but it also proposes more functions with that. If we compare it with JE98XL, we may find really huge amount of optimal decisions and specs. Let’s focus on next features:

  • powerful 1000-watt motor which helps to squeeze anything you want;
  • stainless steel body, die-cast housing and high quality parts of the device;
  • very good customer reviews and lots of top marks for juicing;
  • vertical position and really small place to take on working surface;
  • two speeds of operating which broadens spheres of using;
  • best price according to competitors research with the same specs;
  • and last – you can buy cheap Breville 800JEXL officially refurbished.

Breville BJE510XL – good choice for reasonable money

In BJE-series there are great and popular devices for your kitchen which can be compact or standard and provide universal all-purpose operation. These processors may be called optimal for home using. BJE510XL Multi Speed has 900 watt motor and stainless steel body. It provides 5 speeds for effective operation and can be seen as the most multipurpose equipment of all Breville propositions on the market. You can read our full review and comparison of BJE510XL on this page.

The machine provides lots of possibilities to work with fruit and vegs but there are still not a lot of ideas for wheatgrass juicing. Nevertheless, this purchase won’t be useless for your home. Read all the healthy recipes in special book and find out which combinations of fresh juices taste best.

Breville BJE200XL Compact Extractor – the main pluses

We can also admit that one of the cheapest and often bought proposition of the company is Compact Juice Fountain piece of technology. BJE200XL is really small and can make a single serve portion for just a few seconds. It still has powerful motor with 700 watt capacity. RPM up to 14 000 helps extract 30% more juice from soft fruits than you’d get with other brands and models of compact juicing machines. We made a full review and compared it to other juicers in here.

The interesting idea of the company is to make the device not only small and compact but also add a lot of wonderful effective points. For example, BJE200XL is in our rating of the easiest juicers to clean up. So, there are lots of visible and hidden pros for buying exactly this model. It can be useful though to read customer reviews and check your ideas for using the machine.

Citrus Press Breville 800CPXL – for quick operation

The compact model for orange, lemon and other citrons juicing is quite great in operation. The only preparing part for using 800CPXL is to cut your food in two halves. Then you put one of the halves on the machine and get fresh juice in a couple of seconds. This simple die-cast and stainless steel citrus press proposes lots of outstanding pluses for a buyer:

  • the size of working parts is optimal for any citrus fruit you choose;
  • stainless steel body can live longer and is cleaned with no problems;
  • whisper-quiet motor work also provides optimal conditions of juicing;
  • compact size of machine makes it easy to get ready for work;
  • you won’t need to pack it every time you finished juicing;
  • optimal quality of juice which can’t be reached with any of manual devices.

Breville BJE820XL and BJS600XL Crush Masticating – which to choose

Let’s look at standard masticating model BJS600XL with upright position and just 240 watts of motor capacity and compare it with BJE820XL powerful centrifugal juicing machine. The first one consumes much less energy and can easily cope with leafy greens and wheatgrass. All fruit and vegs are greatly squeezed here and show now troubles in operation. The engine serves longer. The only problem is juice quality – it happens that pulp gets into mixture.

The other variant for the same money is BJE820XL centrifugal 1200 watt power juicer. The motor is quite effective but it can burn out fast. The quality of vitamin liquid gets much better in here. And also we should note that fast operation is possible. There is no need to hold the machine with both hands. Usually there aren’t any problems with replacement parts also.

Combo option – Breville BJB840XL Blender and Juicer

Do you want to have the blender and juicer at the same time? It’s possible and you can really save your money with that. One of possible models is BJE820XL Combo made by Breville. You can read our review and comparison of 840XL and competitors. Before buying that type of combo juicing and blending device make sure it has enough possibilities for your kitchen. Pay attention that any combo machine can’t make all tasks on the top level.

Jack LaLanne, Cuisinart or Breville – which should I buy?

There is a great competition in this sphere of market. When choosing optimal machine to buy, you may get stuck while looking at possible optional variants. So, we chose the best competitors and propose you to have a look at them. You still can choose with attention to your needs and personal ideas about the brands. So, the top 3 competition is:

  • Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Pro which is quite affordable, with stainless steel body and compact sizes, it proposes great juicing but the result won’t be as clean and homogeneous as in other types of machines;
  • Cuisinart CJE-1000 – not very popular 1000 watt juicing machine with great power and certified refurbished propositions on the market, it’s cheap and quite efficient, but customers still don’t give it a credit;
  • Breville JE98XL – the best choice obviously, it provides 850 watts of power and costs twice less than the first competitor, it also gives a lot of possibilities for choosing fruit and vegs you’d like to juice.

As you see, Breville proposes the best variants for purchasing. Though, you can clearly think of which model you should buy among all these propositions. It wouldn’t be the easy choice. If you need more reasons to look once more at JE98XL extractor, consult the consumer reviews.

Finally, what Breville juice extractor should you buy?

It’s again hard to answer the question. Everyone needs something special for the kitchen. Sportsman and office worker will appreciate the Compact model with fast operation and single-serve option. Housewives will see a lot of pros in big and powerful machines. Young mothers would be glad to have whisper-quiet machine with masticating technology.

Our choice is: Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Extractor. With our today’s lifestyles it helps create on the spot healthy decisions and organize them quickly. It’s great for sportsman and office workers, it helps you prepare healthy drink in just a few seconds.