Professional Commercial Juicers – Review of Optimal Models

To ensure the café or restaurant works with full possibilities of healthy food range you need great juicer to place in kitchen. A solid commercial juicer is also a great choice for home which you can use for ages with no problems. But usually one buys such kind of machines for juice bars and fresh points of healthy drinks.

It’s not so simple to find out which kinds of juicing machines to buy for commercial needs. Professional models aren’t always great for juicing in non-stop mode. Especially if you take cheap decisions with not much pluses and only the word “Professional” in production name. So, better choose the juice extractor for your needs with all attention.


Usually you can get information on top grade and best juicers for cafes and bars by looking at customer reviews and reading blog articles. But today we propose you to decide on the spot which professional juice machine you should buy for business. Also note that if you use extractor at home a lot to provide drinks for the whole big family, you certainly need a commercial model, too.

Where can you use commercial heavy duty juicing machines?

There are plenty of possibilities in such device but you may be sure that it offers just one function. If it is orange juice press, it can only deal with oranges. If you buy slow masticating model, it provides you possibilities to squeeze wheatgrass and other greens liquid. The restaurant top-grade juicing equipment can surprise you with such features in operation:

  • commercial juice extractors possess much more power and give great output;
  • it can give over half more liquid with more vitamins and minerals in it;
  • the professional juice machine also operates quite fast and takes few time for a single serve portion;
  • it’s usually energy efficient and won’t make your electricity bills scaring;
  • heavy duty motors last longer and don’t need any replacement or repair;
  • with all-purpose industrial machines it’s possible to juice everything at all.

So, now let’s start with reviews of our best rated models on the market. Compare the price with qualities and specs and then choose which one you’d like to buy. Read our review of optimal commercial juicers for juice bars.

Omega VRT350 Heavy Duty Juicer – single auger and slow model

This is one of the best examples of heavy duty kind of juicing machines. VRT350 HD gives you 80 RPM motor possibilities for slow juicing. Single auger technology is great for any kind of fruit, vegetables and some leafy greens. Among pluses of this fruit machine you’ll find optimal quality of drinks and really fast making. Someone would call it best on the market. But you should also concern all opponents. You can find this item in our review of Omega juicers in popular models.

There are some colors but for some reasons red body costs less than white. So, you’d better go for red one to lower your bill and get exactly the same qualities. VRT-series provides reverse option. If something is stuck in blades, you can turn on reverse mode and get it done quickly. So, for a small café this variant is quite ok. If you need it for home, you probably won’t find better idea.

Nutrifaster N450 – the juicer with lots of purposes

If you’re ready to spend a couple thousand of dollars for the best industrial machine for juice bars in the world, than get Nutrifaster N450 model. Nearly all reviews of this industrial variant of juice extractor show its pros and great features for work. It offers a lot of possibilities and helps serve a lot of portions for a small period of time. There are such great options to use:

  • stainless steel juicing components are the main plus in construction;
  • absolutely easy to run and clean up, very simple control options;
  • non-stopping ejection of all pulp for unceasing working in peak hours;
  • prepared to work in all conditions, no troubles in extreme operation;
  • great work with all kinds of fruit and vegetables (not greens).

Nutrifaster juice extractor even on sale won’t be too cheap and affordable. That’s a real business unit and it’s made to produce loads of juice everyday. But if you need a piece of technology for leafy greens and wheatgrass, better choose masticating model.

Breville 800JEXL – nearly professional and very productive

Don’t want to spend a lot of money for commercial machine? You can buy Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite. It brings lots of possibilities but it’s still not for wheatgrass at all. The extractor is often called juicer-blender machine thanks to a lot of functions. You will find a lot of possibilities in home kitchen and could even maintain a small café kitchen with all needed opportunities. Read full review of the juicer in our post about other Breville models.

Breville models can propose you different types of professional and half-commercial devices for juicing. But it’s certainly better to buy for home using. The price is a couple of times lower than of fully professional machines. And still there are some troubles with productivity and the amount of juice. In masticating models it seems to be more sufficient.

What best citrus press should you buy for fruit bar?

The necessary thing among equipment in your healthy drinks point is a citrus press to produce orange juice. It’s quite hard to operate with the manual one, especially if the drink is quite popular at your place. So, you may choose to buy Breville 800CPXL. It’s a motorized citrus press which is affordable and of high quality.

You can even find a lot of optimal features in this piece of technology. For example, its one size fruit base is optimally constructed and the device is great for all kinds of citrus fruit. So, you can manage to produce as much drinks as you need with no manual power used for it.

So, which kind of commercial juice extractor should you buy?

Choosing a great juicer for a bar or café isn’t that simple. You need to think of how many drinks you need to make every day. It also depends on the most popular fruit and vegs at your place. Make sure you buy appropriate and universal all-purpose decision for all opportunities in your restaurant. This will save your space on the kitchen and reduce money spending on different things.

Our choice is: Omega VRT350 Heavy Duty. It’s a great piece of technology for a small place to make a lot of juice with different fruit, vegs and greens. It has optimal technology of squeezing, low pulp amount and a lot of juice pressed in some seconds. So, we would certainly buy it.