Hurom Juicers – optimal shape and quality

Speaking about modern market of juicers you might find a lot of new brands and old popular well-known names. Hurom Juicer stays at the middle – it isn’t as popular as market bestsellers and still it’s not the last one. So, today we’ll speak about up-to-date and exclusive in all sides juicers. Hurom Juicer reviews will help you decide which exactly model you’d like to possess in your kitchen.

The question is which model is best. But nearly all ideas of this company are based on one simple and universal system. It’s slow masticating technology of working. Among optimal qualities of the way of juicing we can mention slow motor working which can let it run for years. It also helps with leafy greens which you can easily juice in these machines.


When you have decided to purchase this brand’s juice extractor, you need to choose which to buy. Finding the best possibility for all home purposes is really hard. Let’s look at all significant models of the producer and find out which device deserves the place on your kitchen shelves. The comparison will let you know everything about producer.

Why is Hurom so popular in the world of juicing?

At first glance there is nothing special in these machines. But if you look closer, you understand that there is a huge amount of visible pros. Compare these decisions with other brands and look at prices. This is when you understand why a lot of people buy exactly Hurom. But the low price at slow juicing technology isn’t the only pro of the company. There are also such visible pluses:

  • optimal technological level of the machines, no problems with quality;
  • great body and inner parts, they can serve you long time and stay in good condition;
  • a lot of juice with the same amount of fruit – effective squeezing;
  • energy efficient work and consuming not a lot of electricity;
  • simple operation, no need even to read manual before turning on the juicer;
  • optimal shape and vertical design is appropriate for small kitchens.

So, now let’s look at models of the company and prove that this idea for healthy lifestyle options is quite good for spending your money on. We made a small review of best slow juicers in Hurom assortmant.

Hurom HU-100 – Slow Masticating Juicer and company’s bestseller.

Stylish black edition or more popular and practical white color. Choose whatever you want and find the best idea for your kitchen design. You may find this model in both colors and purchase the one you really like. Speaking about specs it’s a great piece of technology with wonderful customer responds. It’s probably the best price slow masticating juicer ever – Hurom HU-100 gives optimal money range.

With 30 per cent more juice than of other producers you find more pulp in it. But if it’s for home and for family usage, this fact doesn’t disturb prospective buyer. Slow squeezing technology is great for all types of fruit and vegs. Leafy greens including wheatgrass are really simple to juice in this machine. So, if you want to find the best idea for home juicing, why not to look closer exactly at this model in white, black or even silver color?

Hurom Elite Slow Juicer – expensive and technological

The latest technologies of the producer are all in this simple but up-to-date device. Squeezing pattern was slightly changed and worked with while constructing this type of juicer. It’s not as cheap as you would like it to be, but anyway you won’t take a lot of money out of your pocket. Simplified construction made it easy to operate and to clean up the device. It made probably the last minus of all previous models disappear.

Get baby food and even soymilk smashed in this device. It contains pluses and possibilities of a simple blender and mixer. There are also such important things as powerful motor and optimal construction type. Do you want to find minuses? The only visible negative feature is price. So, it’s quite a great idea to buy for your kitchen.

Hurom Premium Masticating or Vitamix – what to choose?

In Huriom Premium Masticating Juicer and Smoothie Maker you can easily prepare great smoothies with wonderful taste. It can also work as effective juicing machine. So, combining the main feature of blender and juicer this device can save up your money. But there are also other decisions which can do both things for you. Let’s look at Vitamix universal variant of kitchen equipment.

Vitamix Professional Series 750 will help you create smoothies with optimal texture and taste. It also can produce other healthy food options. But we should note that it costs nearly three times more than universal and all-purpose Hurom Premium Slow machine. Of course, the quality of smoothies would be better in Vitamix. But are you prepared to pay this much for such plus? It’s really wise budget decision to purchase Hurom Juicer and Smoothie Maker.

Hurom HU100SB – nearly professional idea for the kitchen

If you want your kitchen zone to be really professional, be prepared to pay a lot for that. Really expensive model HU-100SB needs lots of money to be bought. It provides the best possibilities of slow masticating juicing and proposes plenty fresh ideas for healthy food options. You may find it in special literature, video channels, personal blogs of owners. It’s a wonderful purchase for professional cooking.

With no problem this machine processes wheatgrass and other leafy products. You can make sauces, lemonades, marinades and other liquids for cooking. In special cook book or on DVD you’ll find more information about healthy cooking and get closer to professional cuisine. Especially wonderful facts are following:

  • easy processing of any products you want to squeeze in the juicer;
  • cleaning with no problems while not a lot of parts are in contact with food;
  • simple but effective slow motion system which serves long time;
  • comfortable shape with a small place needed to put it on a surface;
  • quiet operation thanks to low rotation system of the motor;
  • very efficient juicing – pulp is dry and can go to waste simply.

It’s up to you to decide whether you want a professional instrument at home. But the Hurom HU-100SB would be really amazing purchase for any home.

Which type of Hurom juicer should you buy today?

Appreciate the amount of hours the juicer works in your kitchen. Then think of food types you usually put into feeder. This will help you decide which model you need to buy. Hurom company proposes simple and relatively cheap masticating juicers but it also has elite slow variants of juicing machines for professionals. So, choose the deal which suits your needs best. And in this case you’ll never get a mistake in buying professional and effective piece of technology for kitchen.

Our choice is: Hurom HU-100 Slow Masticating Juicer, White. It’s sold with certified refurbishment and can cost you much less than new items. It also provides very effective ideas for juicing.