Jack LaLanne PJP Juicer and the wheatgrass

A lot of juicing machine buyers want their new equipment to be fully efficient in all ways of operations. The important thing for healthy lifestyle takers is to provide greens juicing with all needed capacity. The question is – can you juice wheatgrass with the help of Jack LaLanne juicer? Let’s answer this question and find out the possibilities. Read our short review about Jack LaLanne stainless steel version.

2 JackLalanneWheatgrass

The majority of the brand’s products are centrifugal and pulp-ejection models. So, there aren’t any possibilities to squeeze wheatgrass at optimal level. For this you should better go to some other company and find masticating slow-speed juice extractors. With Jack LaLanne however you can achieve optimal fruit and vegs juicing – watch it in the video: