Jack LaLanne PJP Power Juicer Pro Stainless Steel – Review and Testing

For healthy lifestyle you surely need a great juicer. There are plenty machines to choose from, and one of them is Jack Lalanne Power Juicer PRO which is the most powerful version of the series. Good cleaning features, powerful motor and efficient use – they aren’t the only pluses in Jack Lalanne’s equipment to mention.

Looking at reports and reviews form customers you can understand real advantages of the juicer. There are plenty of owners of this classical kind of juice machine in the country. And most of them are happy with their purchase. The PRO version possesses stainless steel body and inner parts, so, it’s really effective in your kitchen.


The whole name of the model is quite long – Jack La Lanne PJP Power Juicer PRO E-1189. With all GLSS series there are great stainless bodies and very long lasting life of all parts. So, you probably won’t need any warranty repair during first 5 years of using.

Let’s look at the most important pluses of Jack La Lanne’s juicer:

  • entirely made of stainless steel the product offers eternal shelf life;
  • great blades produce juice from every kind of fruit, drink is homogeneous;
  • whisper quiet work of motor with its 3000 RPM is quite interesting feature;
  • the machine collects pulp in the large box and produces lots of juice for a short period of time;
  • you also can call it best buy because of energy efficiency while working.

Nice cleaning and lots of juice from Jack Lalanne Juicer

Power PRO is a simple machine. The company made it with optimal technology and insured all its parts to meet the requirements of dishwashers. So, you won’t spend your time cleaning up this piece of technology in your kitchen.

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Amount of fresh juice you get with this equipment is big enough. The pulp seems to be absolutely dry. In reviews of PJP Jack Lalanne Stainless Steel Electric people note that it’s very productive and efficient in work.

Noise of production and body type of the juicer

While working the motor of Power PRO juicer operates quietly. It’s enough not to wake up your cat sleeping just around place of operation. To keep this quality unchanged you need to consult producer’s rules and not put into the machine any kind of vegs which aren’t appropriate for it. Otherwise, the device will be broken.

The whole stainless steel body of this model of Jack Lalanne juice extractor pushes us to price comparison with other brands. Nevertheless, the modules of our today’s squeezer are more expensive, the overall price isn’t bigger than those of competitors.

Let’s have a look at disadvantages of the juice extractor:

  • amount of juice yield sometimes makes quality and taste worse;
  • simple operation is not fully about this producer’s equipment;
  • power might be little more but it will bring more electricity consumption;
  • there are some plastic parts which should have been metal, too;
  • pulp ejection works with some troubles with non-recommended types of food.

What about wheatgrass and Jack Lalanne Juicer?

A lot of prospective buyers ask the same question: Can you juice wheatgrass in Jack Lalanne Stainless Steel Juicer? It’s not actually the best piece of technology to grind leafy products. But if you use fresh wheatgrass, there won’t be any problems. Don’t use dry or old leaves to crash in juicer – it’s impossible.

It’s also important to clean everything up carefully after grinding wheatgrass in Power PRO stainless steel juicer. Otherwise all next juice types will have the same smell of wheatgrass. So, make sure, you keep the main rules of producer to maintain the device.

So, should I buy Jack Lalanne Power Juicer PRO made of stainless steel?

This question is for you to answer. We see lots of pros in this machine, including its moderate price. It’s quite inexpensive decision for your kitchen to provide healthy meals for all family. The device is great idea to buy as the first juice extractor to find all pluses in drinking freshly made drinks with all vitamins in them.

It’s easy to clean up; the machine can live long with its stainless steel body. Vertical construction gives optimal features for small kitchens. So, there are more pros than cons in this equipment.