Best Masticating Juicer to Choose on the Market

Fresh juice at home is always a good idea. It’s refreshing, vitamins rich and gives energy for the whole day. The reason of buying modern kitchen equipment is to have healthy food and maximize the amount of vitamins and minerals you consume with vegetables and fruit. The best masticating juicer is a great idea to provide all these possibilities in your kitchen.

Is it really important that your kitchen machine is high quality? Yes, it’s absolutely so. If you buy bad quality kitchen equipment, you lose your time and money. Start with optimal devices, they shouldn’t be too expensive – you can find even cheap juicing machines. The choice is in your hands.


Sometimes this type of equipment is also called macerating, but it’s not right and professional. Also there are centrifugal and auger types of equipment – we’ll have the review and comparison after masticating ones. Now let’s focus at vertical positioned compact juicing devices form different brands with slow motion possibilities and find out which ones are best.

What are the biggest advantages of masticating juicers?

Vertical position saves place at your kitchen zone. The triturating possibilities and a lot of additional accessories give you eternal freedom to choose what fruit, vegs and herbs you choose for juicing in masticator. The task is to find out which of the machines has the best motor inside and in what situation the set is optimal for your needs. Some of these devices can even be blenders in some situations. The most prominent pros of the equipment are as follows:

  • optimal in using and cleaning after usage with the help of dishwasher;
  • easy to operate and choose needed speed or pattern for juicing fruit and vegs;
  • more careful in work if you compare them to centrifugal or other technologies;
  • accurate masticator makes your drinks soft, fresh and homogeneous;
  • providing you choose normal device, it will serve you for a long time.

Masticating vs Centrifugal vs Auger juicers – let’s look at pros and cons

If you choose Centrifuagal technologies, you’ll need to cope with a lot of noise and not very long lasting motors. High RPM of engine makes it burn out quickly. Also these aren’t very easy to use and they won’t give you as much juice out of leafy products. Auger juicers are quite different from all of others. They can be a little noisy but they’re efficient and very good for some types of vegs and fruit. By the way, we posted our review of the cheapest masticating juicers – find best ones.

If you want to know what juicer is best on the market, look at the most popular masticating machines to provide you with the needed quantity and quality of juice. It can cope with leafy green products, you won’t need long preparation for juicing and operating the device is quite easy. So, we see it as an optimal idea for home healthy juicing. By the way, you may read our review and find out which juicer is the easiest to clean up.

Omega J8006 – slow and solid example of mastication technology

Probably the best idea to buy in this niche of juicing market is Omega 8006. This kind of juicer can be really appealing for all American families. The low rotation slow motor at 80 RPM can serve you long enough. Black and Chrome colors are really wonderful for this decision. You can find extra juice extraction and a lot of really good features. We created the full review and comparison of J8006 model – read it here.

It can be called best idea for the money you pay for it. Though it’s not very cheap and needs comparison with competitors. Omega 8006 isn’t upright as the most of other juicing devices of its type. Though it doesn’t take a lot of place in your kitchen. And the last important thing is silence – whisper quiet motor gives no extra noise.

Omega VRT350 vs Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer – which is best?

We can say that these two devices are nearly the same in price. But Kuvings is commercial item and it can be found with a lot of discounts or for sale sometimes. So, let’s compare these two juicing machines as competitors. Omega VRT350 is a vertical single auger juicer with one speed only. It’s not possible that the juice would be dehydrated with low speed of operating. Self-cleaning system can be really useful for many people. Kuvings proposes such interesting ideas:

  • the strongest motor in the whole family of juicing equipment;
  • able to deal with a lot of work everyday and no problems with that;
  • easy and fast operation even with no additional control;
  • cleaning is possible in dishwasher, no needs to spend your time on that;
  • huge amount of recipes in originally designed book for the device;
  • 240 watt slow motion motor brings lots of possibilities.

We should also say that Kuvings is really energy efficient. It doesn’t take lots of electricity during operation or with stand-by mode. The problem is that Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer is not affordable at all. Though it’s one of the best rated middle price juice extractors ever.

Breville BJS600XL Juice Fountain Crush – slow juicing technology

Another market leader and top rated device in the niche is Breville Juice Fountain Crush. It’s one of the best upright decisions if you want to have efficient juicing module with additional possibilities on your kitchen. You can also read about other Breville juicers, including masticating technologies, looking at our review of BJE200XL and its competitors.

It’s understandable that the brand has a lot of pros in comparison with other producers. So, BJS600XL model provides absolutely quiet 240 watt motor which helps you extract maximum juice out of any products you want. Effective filter with auto cleaning is one of the best in the niche. The only con is warranty – it’s given for 1 year only.

Hurom HU-100 nearly professional idea for kitchen

Looking at another masticating member of this family made by Hurom, we can see professional features. You can’t call the juicing device of this brand inexpensive – it wouldn’t be truth. And according to consumer reports it’s also not the best one in the field. Though, this model provides a lot of optimal possibilities for juicing. It’s quiet and comparatively powerful – 150 watt motor is prepared to special cold pressing technology.

Slow squeezing helps add more vitamins into your diet. It extracts much more needed elements to your juice and provides optimal healthy ideas for food and drinks. Among benefits of Hurom HU-100 you find wheatgrass and leafy greens processing – it’s not a problem for this machine. So, this model is optimal masticating example of a juicer.

Jack LaLanne PJP Power Juicer Pro – the probable option

The possible variant in choosing best juicing machine could be not so compact and not extremely cheap Jack LaLanne production. This option has a lot of pros but it’s full of cons if you believe consumer reports. It’s surely not in TOP 5 and probably out of TOP 10 best masticating juicers of the niche but it has the right to stand in one line with other great technological juicing devices for your kitchen because of low price. Need more information? Read our review of PJP Power Pro and its opponents.

High RPM of the motor is fully acceptable when we speak about warranty. It works well with this brand, so you won’t feel any problems with motor work. The single minus is noise. There is a lot of sound when you smash apples or even wheatgrass.

How to choose best manual masticating juicer?

If you want to save up money on electricity bills, buy manual juicing device for doing everything with your own hands. A lot of people think that in this way juice becomes even tastier. It’s cheaper in buying and using, it’s easy to clean up and store, it doesn’t need a lot of place on your kitchen table.

One of the most interesting manual things for juicing is Green Manual Masticating Juicer with very affordable price. The thing is quite strong and long lasting, so you won’t need to change it next month and even year. This is great idea for those who try to find money friendly solutions.

So, which masticating juicer should I buy on the market?

We spoke about some kinds of juicing machines and even reviewed manual cheap decision. So, now the choice is yours. Think of what exactly features you would like to get in your juicing device. Should it be more powerful or have more opportunities to regulate the work? Analyzing these factors you can find the best idea of masticating product which will fully suit your needs.

Our choice is: Omega J8006. Yes, it’s quite expensive; it’s not so compact and easy to operate as other juicing machines. But it’s really good to operate with all kinds of greens, vegs and fruit. It’s also quite long lasting and doesn’t need repair for a long time.