Vitamix vs Ninja Blenders – Find Out Which is Best

It’s time to turn into natural nutritious products in your food. If you support this idea, there is no chance you wouldn’t buy food processor. While choosing the best option lots of prospective buyers would go to comparison of Vitamix vs Ninja. Take Vitamix S30 as an example and you’ll see, it’s quite efficient kitchen equipment. But once you compare it to Ninja you’ll get some troubles in choosing.

All blenders of these brands deserve being in your kitchen. They are quite good at grinding, mincing or mixing your food – fruit, vegs, even meat. You don’t get the single juicer but lots and lots more functions in both products.


Let’s look at differences between Vitamix and Ninja blenders and find the best choice for customer. The reason for buying such processor is getting healthier and eating nutritious food. Design also stays as one factor for purchasing, and don’t forget about functions, power and original set.

Vitamix S30 – find out customer reports and real output

The obvious plus of this device is 5 year warranty. You can easily put it into dishwasher and take your time for doing pleasant things. Metal sockets make it long lasting and quite effective in every task. You get pure 1500 watts of power to use.

The top thing to look at is place of production. This piece of technology is made in the USA and gives ultimate quality of every part. There are still some things to compare Ninja blender vs Vitamix.

Ninja Professional – is the blender as good as Vitamix?

Hard to find lots of cons while looking at great productive Ninja Pro blender. It’s made in China, though the quality stays at the top. There are some really great points about this food processor:

  • 1000 watts blender shows more energy efficiency during usage;
  • controlled processing is available as well as different programs;
  • the set is quite enough for mixing, blending, crushing and other tasks;
  • the processor is relatively cheaper than products of other companies;
  • efficient blades are never out of order – 5 years warranty is given.

Even compared to more expensive Vitamix 5200 this outstanding and quite inexpensive Ninja device stays very attractive. There are also Ninja 1100 and 1200 variants which give even more power but cost more. So, we answered the question – how does the Vitamix blender compared to Ninja one.

The Nutri Ninja – less cost and effective output

We may also look at Nutri Ninja blender which is quite close to Ultima and Ultra model collections. These devices give splendid power and possibility to process absolutely different kinds of food. The equipment provides 900 watts of power, has two professional cups in the set, gives best ideas for nutritious smoothies.

You may find out more interesting ideas in comparison of Nutribullet blenders of 600 and 900 watts.

This choice will lead to broadening of your everyday food variety and won’t take lots of money out of your pocket. You’ll find splendid Ninja XL cup with 72 oz inside.

Maybe Blendtec is better kitchen system than others?

Let’s look at another American professional blender Blendtec WildSide. This piece of kitchen equipment has just one minus – the cost. In other ideas there are plenty of wonderful possibilities:

  • this is 9-in-1 kitchen appliance with lots of effective programs;
  • the quality and materials are great, warranty isn’t worse than in other models;
  • 1560 watts ultimate power makes it easy to crash any product you want;
  • it’s easy to clean up and maintain – construction of Blendtec device is simple;
  • professional possibilities give you ultimate quality of your meals.

So, which blender is better – Vitamix or Ninja?

There are both advantages and disadvantages in these models. And don’t forget that mentioned above models are not the only choice on the market. You can go to Blendtec which is slightly more expensive and still has great efficiency.
Speaking purely about Ninja and Vitamix the choice won’t be very easy. If you want power and ultimate quality, better buy American blender Vitamix. To save up some money and still get lots of effectiveness go to Ninja food processors. The choice is simply yours.

Our choice is: Vitamix S30 with its quality production, great motor power and multipurpose usage. It will shorten your time spent in kitchen and make every dish tastier.