Nutri Ninja – review and customer advice for blenders

It’s quite important for healthy living to have juicing and blending equipment on your kitchen. You probably can’t add into your everyday diet the needed vitamins and minerals if there are no machines of that type. So, let’s look at Nutri Ninja propositions on the market and make simple comparisons to what other producers give us for choice.

Except a lot of watts in motors, this brand provides great opportunities for making your diet healthier. If you choose the model right, you get plenty of ideas for variable and tasty food for every day. We can also note that there are lots of manufacturer parts on the market, so your blender and juicer won’t be out of order.


Look at features of Ninja and make comparison to other ideas on the market. Your choice will be optimal if you make it personally. There are huge amount of models which you can pick from. So, be sure to find the most appropriate machine and kitchen system for your use. For that we propose you small overviews of optimal ideas.

Nutri Ninja Blender reviews and customer opinions

If you look at customer responds to these products, you’ll be surely satisfied with what you find. There are huge amount of pluses in these simple and compact machines. They are also quite ok with quality and give superb lasting replacement parts for every model. Let’s find out the most prominent and really best features of all Ninja products:

  • lots of machines can be blenders and juicers at the same time;
  • powerful and long lasting motors are great in use;
  • the warranty is one of the best in this market niche;
  • you get compact and up-to date device for your kitchen;
  • it even makes hot soup for your family’s healthy lunches;
  • the products are absolutely easy to use;
  • the price is relatively low, so there aren’t any problems with choosing a deal.

Ninja Professional Blender BL660 – all in your hands

If you read Ninja Blender reviews, you find lots of satisfied customer reports. Nearly all of the models are great, but we should pay special attention to the BL660 modification. It has 1100 watts of power, provides possibilities for fast single serve operation and is quite efficient with fruit and vegetables. You can’t call the device juicer, but it produces tasty smoothies with whatever you want. Look at our comparison of Ninja vs Nutribullet products.

Operating parts may be changed if broken. Ninja BL660 provides accurate blending and will be useful equipment for your kitchen. This is probably the best Ninja blender ever. You can still go to NJ600 version which is also quite popular. If you want to know how much is the blender or where to buy this thing, better go for online shopping. It saves your money and gives professional advice on which accessories to choose.

Nutri Ninja Pro BL456 – is it the best blender of the producer?

Another option to buy from the brand is Nutri series with its great Professional choice of BL450, BL 451 and wonderful BL456 models. Let’s speak about the last one. It has effective 900 watt motor to blend your food. This processor also offers a lot to those who like fast preparing of homogeneous drinks. It’s powerful vitamin extractor which gives you a lot for single serve portion. You may go to our review and comparison of Ninja decisions here.

There are quite a lot of accessories in the set, so you won’t have any troubles with making healthy dish or drink. Extractor blades are made of solid materials and provide great processing. Speaking about long lasting work, it’s one of the best choices you can make in the price section. By the way, you can easily find accessories for you Ninja kitchen machine on the market.

Ninja Mega vs Ninja Ultima – what are the differences?

Now let’s have a look at professional kitchen systems which can blend, juice, grind and mix your products. Ultima Kitchen System has 1500 watt motor and original dual stage blending technology to be proud of. It shows wonderful efficiency and can bring you joy during the work. But our attention is at much more popular Mega Kitchen System which has such specs:

  • 2 horsepower motor with 1500 watt capacity;
  • stunning XL cup for making healthy drinks to treat all family;
  • it can make you dough for homemade bread or cookies;
  • bowls and containers for different tasks on your kitchen;
  • great smoothie-to-go cup with lid and straw is available;
  • possibilities for juicing – so, it covers more than just blending.

Ninja Pulse Blender 600 watts and great cheap Ninja Master Prep

Want to buy a cheap and efficient kitchen machine for single serve? There are quite a few of them. Look at Pulse Blender with 600 watt motor. It’s small and convenient thing for making smoothies. But you should beware of putting into the bowl something strong enough. The motor can deal with lots of fruit, but some vegs would be too hard to smash. The pitcher is quite convenient in use, though.

But let’s have a look at the cheapest piece of technology in the field. It’s small Ninja Master Prep which is compact and affordable smoothie maker. There are lots of pros in the machine. But be sure to use it just for fruit smoothies. Its single serve cup is quite comfortable and the 400 watt motor seems to be enough for easy purposes.

Ninja replacement parts – are there any problems?

If you lost or broke some parts of the kitchen set, you can still buy them as replacement parts. The company provides wide range of attachments and additional bowls, blades and even motors. For Mater Prep you may find all parts you want. And there are also lots of ideas to renew your Professional Blender or Nutri series device. You can easily buy 64 oz Bowl Attachment Kit for your device and not buy a new one.

Ninja Professional Blender NJ600 (XL edition) or maybe Nutribullet Deluxe?

Finding the best idea for a big XL blender you’ll come to Professional series and exactly the NJ600 model. Its nearest competitor is Nutribullet Pro Deluxe Edition which is 900 watt strong and provides lots of interesting possibilities in use. The Nutribullet is slightly more expensive, so let’s look at pros of NJ600 model:

  • it’s cheaper and easier to use in your kitchen;
  • provides 1000 watt power and more ideas for cooking;
  • all pitchers, lids and bowls are dishwasher safe;
  • you can crush ice with 6-blade technology;
  • big XL cup is quite great for family meals and drinks.

Nutri Ninja Blender Duo with Auto-IQ – great choice

With slightly more money in your pocket you can reach absolutely different kind of efficiency with Duo technology. It provides one-touch blending and Auto-IQ system to process everything without your control. 1500 watts of power are smashing everything you need. It turns ice to snow in just a few seconds. So, it’s quick, effective and quite cheap if you check the competitors on the market.

There are also a few words to say about cleaning. In washing the Duo Blender with Auto-IQ is as simple as in operation. No problems will be caused with this exquisite thing in your kitchen zone.

Cuisinart vs Ninja – which is better?

The last comparison we make today is aimed to find out if Cuisinart blender is as good as Ninja. Let’s take Cuisinart BFP-703CH and compare it with Nutri Ninja AutoIQ BL482. They are quite the same at price, the first one gives only 350 watts of power and can be used in limited ways of kitchen procedures. It also contains 1 blade and 1 slicing-shredding disk, but the blade has a plastic base. With this it’s not as long lasting and effective as its competition.

Nutri Ninja AutoIQ prepares you for the exquisite level of kitchen magic. It has no restriction on what you put inside, provides 1000 watts of motor power. The set includes to-go-cup which you can use for making smoothie to sport or job. With these factors we can clearly say that Ninja is better than Cuisinart.

So, what Ninja blender should I buy today?

The model assortment keeps growing, producers show new significantly better devices. The competition makes the market better for buyer. You may look at extraordinary ideas to purchase and find a lot of wonderful pros in every Ninja device. They all show great efficiency and produce extra vitamin smoothies.

Our choice is: Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770. It’s a great mixture of everything you need on the kitchen. It helps you prepare healthy drinks and food, change your diet plans and spend less time to eat healthily.