Nutribullet 900 and 600 Reviews – Which One is Best?

Healthy food options are not only fashionable but also quite great for human body. Fresh vegs and fruit, blended soups which are cooked at your home, tasty smoothies and sport nutrition – all these are available with effective and multipurpose blenders. Today we’ll make a simple comparison of Nutribullet 600 vs 900. All Nutribullet’s features are there in both of them.

Also we can add to comparison RX model which is the most powerful piece in the model assortment. You can’t avoid looking at different brands like Ninja blenders with exactly the same functions and lots of pros. Below you find the comparison and can easily decide which blender should you buy.


It’s not only 900 vs 600 kinds of equipment but also plenty of other brands and types of juicers. Let’s look at all features including good and bad sides for every blender model. Independent comparison will surely help you find the best idea for your kitchen.

Nutribullet 600 watt – simple and all-purpose kitchen equipment

There are lots of pros in buying quite inexpensive and ordinary Nutribullet 600 watts for your kitchen. It gives optimal power to produce smoothies, grind different products and foods. Slightly less RPM than in other models appears to be great thing for lower noise production. The efficiency stays quite high.

You might note that 600 watt power won’t be universal and has some restrictions. It’s an original 12-piece set which gives lots of cups for every purpose. But you are unlikely to blend the soup in this device. Lower price gives lots of reasons to buy the product.

Nutribullet 900 series – specs and features of the blender

In comparison with the previous model Nutribullet 900 watts gives you more choice in product range. Smoothies and other food after processing will be more homogeneous and tasty. More noise is measured with special equipment but it’s not possible to hear the difference at home. There are spectacular pluses of the model:

  • you’ll find 15 pieces in the original set of 900 series;
  • the cook book helps you find appropriate options for healthy food;
  • quality of all parts is great, the warranty is there to help with problems;
  • optimal power at 900 watts is economical and really all-purpose;
  • the range of products to process is visibly wider.

Nutribullet RX review and customer opinions

If you’ve already possessed a blender which wasn’t as strong and multipurpose as Nutribullet RX, you will find lots of new options in here. RX series has power at 1700 watts and efficient motor RPM which may be changed according to the chosen program. It’s the only piece of equipment among producer’s decisions to blend soups and even heat them before consuming.

By the way, do you want to know which juicer is the easiest to clean? Then watch it here.

RX model is a 10-piece set in which you find all needed things to process food. Though it’s a little bigger than other pieces. Technologies in this equipment are higher; there are more modes and variants of processing products. You can easily call RX series professional. Of course, the price goes higher and it could be a minus.

Let’s look at Ninja blender 600 watts – what’s interesting?

One of the most amazing competitors for Nutribullet 600 series is Ninja blender which has the motor at the same RPM and power of 600 watts. It produces very smooth drinks and dishes. Nutribullets versus Ninja have great pros but the price of the Ninja piece is lower. So, it’s quite good substitution with lots of options and ideas to provide optimal meal grinding and blending.

You also can go to Nutri Ninja Single Serve – it’s a small and compact piece of equipment which is great for sport people and gym visitors. If you need more power and capacity go to Ninja 1100 which is nearly twice more powerful than 600 series model.

Which blender is better – Nutribullet 600 or 900?

Let’s make the conclusion. 900 series of the blender has more power, but it usually doesn’t give more opportunities to process the food. There are still lots of restrictions which disappear in more expensive RX version. But it doesn’t finish the ideas for buying other types of blenders.

The optimal choice will lead to more possibilities in blending your drinks and dishes. Of course, you can also compare Nutribullet, Magic Bullet and Ninja blender in price and warranty duration. If you ask where you can buy the blender, the answer is simple – get it in Internet.

Our choice is: Nutribullet RX – the most expensive but ultimately the best variant with lots of power. It has multipurpose use and is ready for any challenge on your kitchen.