Nutribullet Review – Which Blenders and Juicers are Best?

A lot of healthy life starters think of whether they need some juicer or blender. You don’t just should buy this item – it’s impossible to achieve healthy lifestyle without such kitchen machines. An optimal food processor is thought to be the Nutribullet. Among this brand’s options we can also think of Magic Bullet which is simple and cheap.


Though, you can’t easily choose the kind of Nutribullet blender for your home – there are plenty of them in catalog. Customers are appealed to these products, their choice made the nutrition extraction systems quite popular. Let’s watch positive and negative features of this brand and find out which Nutribullet blender you should buy.

Optimal smoothie makers for the whole family – Nutribullet and Magic Bullet

These products are often called vitamin bullets – they provide you with much vitamins and minerals you need for optimal lifestyle. A lot of customers also think that Ultra Bullet juicers are made with the same company, but they aren’t. Of course, we can’t say that all pluses of machines are offered in absolutely any product. There are huge amount of budget friendly and quite expensive offers. But the majority of them have such specs and pros:

  • quite good quality in comparison with other representatives of the price class;
  • law amount of customer service complaints, original warranty conditions;
  • a lot of accessories in a set, cups, blades, extra parts and other things;
  • very compact construction, all Bullets are clearly made to save up space;
  • good reviews and reports of customers, a lot of video and recipes for tasty drinks and food.

Everyone on this stage asks the single question – how much does the Nutribullet cost. Well, in ratings of producers this one is quite cheap and affordable which is another great plus of the company. Look at how much the Nutribullet products cost and which model is the best price.

Nutribullet parts and accessories – how about repair?

As you see, cheap and affordable blender is a great purchase, there are lots of benefits. Though, replacement parts became a real struggle for owners. You actually can’t repair the thing. There are some replacement cups and blades, but the motor or other important parts you can’t purchase. Of course, the price is quite optimal, but the customer needs the system to work properly all the time. You can get to know more by reading our article with comparison of Magic Bullet and Nutribullet and choose which variant is best for you.

Nevertheless, take the best Nutribullet blender model and ask if it works alright. Every owner would say you yes for that question. If you somehow managed to break the thing and cause problems with it, it’s time to go to the shop and buy a new one. If it’s just because of cups and blades, you can purchase new ones.

Nutribullet 600 vs 900 – choose the most efficient for you

This product will really give you vitality superboost, as lots of specialists say. The optimal smoothies and drinks with fresh vegs and fruit are super for your health. But first you need to choose effective new Nutribullet with all needed qualities. There are two major and most popular models of the blender which have 900 watt motor or 600 watt.

You may easily see the difference between the blenders. With splendid RPM the more powerful motor gives many possibilities to cook healthy food. The smaller variant gives economizing and saves place though. So, read our comparison of Nutribullet 900 and 600 watt motors and decide which one you would like to buy.

Nutribullet RX reviews – blender which makes you crazy

This is one of the most powerful and wonderful versions of the company’s blenders. There are a lot of pros in construction. Extractor and milling blades are all dishwasher safe, you won’t engage your time for keeping it clean. We also can mention other options:

  • universal blades and other instruments to use in your kitchen work;
  • more powerful motor with 1700 watt, optimal RPM for the tasks;
  • possibility to heat your food and smash it for optimal consistency;
  • smart technology for using it without even putting you hands on the appliance.

Magic Bullet Baby Bullet – great option for your kid

If you have a child, you will probably get a lot out of buying a new Nutribullet kitchen machine with possibilities to feed kids with healthy meals. It has interesting design, a lot of customer reviews with great marks and some extra cups in the set. One more thing – it has the extended warranty unless you don’t break rules of the seal.

There are many recipes you can enjoy cooking and feeding kids with. Baby Bullet is not expensive at all and it gives great possibility to play and cook simultaneously. Maybe, this is the only way to teach your child cooking healthy food and having fun out of it. So, if you’d like to have baby kitchen machine at your home, choose this one.

Ninja Master Prep vs Magic Bullet Nutribullet

There are lots of competitors, as you know. So, let’s start with speaking about Ninja Master Prep. It’s very cheap to buy, it has a single serve cup to process the food in the blender. 400 watts are quite ok for small portions. So, Master Prep is a quick and copact thing for those who love sparing time. Nevertheless, it can be seen as an optimal affordable kitchen blender in your home.

By the way, read our comparison of Nutribullet vs Ninja blender and find all the differences.Magic Bullet is twice more expensive but it proposes 600 watt motor and more possibilities in a set. This one is of high quality and offers a lot to do in kitchen. Of course, Master Prep is very popular because of price and optimal possibilities.

Nutribullet vs Jack LaLanne juicer – which one to buy?

Many shoppers ask the same question – where to buy Nutribullet blender? It’s simple – get it in the internet. But go to comparison first. Maybe, you want to buy a juicer but not a smoothie maker. What is the difference between these two machines? Well, it’s easy to answer:

  • the blender can process the whole fruit with no rest while juicer leaves pulp;
  • taste of smoothie and juice is absolutely different, people should choose what they like;
  • juicers are usually heavier and bigger then blending machines in your kitchen;
  • the price of Jack LaLanne processor wouldn’t be as low as of small Magic Bullet;
  • small blender can do lots of different tasks but the juicer is for juicing only.

Some buyers ask if they can use Nutribullet products for juicing. The answer is no – it’s impossible. So, if you want to have some juice on your table everyday, better buy Jack LaLanne juicer.

Nutribullet video review and comparison

Comparing some kinds of devices for your kitchen you might get the optimal instrument and helper in cooking. Also seeking possibilities for healthy like you could choose a blender to produce a lot of really nice drinks and food types. You just need to find out which kind of Nutribullet products works best.

Our choice is: Magic Bullet Nutribullet blender with 600 watt motor and optimal set of different parts and accessories. It’s a great kitchen processor which can serve you long providing you keep all the rules of producer. If you want to purchase it, read customer reviews first to find out which modification might be better.