Magic Bullet vs Nutribullet: Which Blender is Better?

Do you want to achieve full nutritious quality of your meals? So, you probably think of buying amazing modern blender to whip up your food and make it even tastier. That’s great decision, but it’s quite hard to find which of all bullets is really better. Today you’ll face review and comparison – Magic Bullet VS Nutribullet.


You’ll surely find both pros and cons in any of these blenders. Though, choosing the best one is the idea of our today’s review. Let’s start with what it gives you to purchase one of these amazing pieces of kitchen equipment. Whatever kind of blender you choose, you’ll buy the product of the same company, so the quality question is not actual one.

Prepare foods from fresh products, find it easier to add tasty vegs to your diet and invent new ideas for consuming fruit. Overall ways of using these two devices are pretty the same, but there are still lots of differences. Let’s look at them.

How many watts are the Magic and Nutribullet – look at specifications

First step to compare the two juicers is their power. While Magic Bullet watts are just 250, Nutribullet’s power stays over that – 650 watts. This is a significant plus. Though, both blenders have 2 working blades and process the food with no problem.

We also should note that motor size of Magic Bullet is quite efficient in using electricity resources. And also a significant plus of it is a big container for 6 cups of stuff. While Nutribullet with more power can only contain 3 cups of products.

Cleanup and usage of Nutribullet blender vs Magic Bullet

There are no much differences in this side. You can put both of these blenders into washing machine or clean them with running water easily. One may note that the cheaper blender contains BPA, while more expencive device is BPA free.

Cleaning both blenders after chopping, grinding, mixing or even mincing your food is quite easy. Though, there are still some differences between Magic Bullet and Nutribullet to mention. The first has cheaper inside parts and cleaning might be a little longer. You may think – is the Magic Bullet as good as Nutribullet? The answer depends on what you actually need from your blender.

Ultimate pluses and feaures of Magic Bullet:

  • really less cost than other blenders;
  • energy economy which will shorten your bills;
  • simple construction and really easy cleaning;
  • very compact size – just 6.5 inches high;
  • light weight which is at 2.3 pounds;
  • no limit of products and dishes you can blend.

Now let’s review ultimate pros of Nutribullet blender:

  • optimal power to mince whatever you want;
  • solid construction, very good quality;
  • eco-friendly materials, no additional smell or taste of food;
  • very quick operation and optimal features for fitness products;
  • consistency of your food in the juicer is homogeneous and soft.

Magic or Nutribullet for juicing and for smoothies?

The question is what you should choose if you want to get homogeneous smoothies or fresh juices with ultimate taste and lots of vitamins? Speaking about juicing Magic Bullet will be a little bit weak. So in this way Nutri device is the best.

Also read comparison of Ninja Blender and Vitamix blenders to broaden the choice.

If you want to make smoothies, both of these equipment units will suit your needs. Great mixed smoothies with lots of tastes might be made in any blender. But these two ones are the great decision for smoothie lovers.

What about Magic Bullet Deluxe?

There are some alternatives and types of kitting for this type of blender. It’s a great opportunity to get more than you expect. So, Magic Bullet Deluxe is 21 or 25 pieces set of great equipment. With this you may easily produce more juice or smoothies and achieve much better results in products processing.

More containers and blades in the set give other possibilities. It’s bigger amount of products with which you can work with at once. Different shapes are great decision of producer. So, if you need more possibilities, buy Deluxe version.

Maybe you should buy Magic Bullet Express?

One more type of kitting for the blender is Magic Bullet Express. The base stays the same but there are only 17 pieces. You still get two solid blades and lots of cups for any products you want. There is also a recipe book for those who want to improve their diet and include more fresh vegs and fruit. This is starting set which helps you understand all pluses of company’s technologies.

Is the Nutribullet Pro better than simple version?

The main difference of Nutribullet Pro is 900 watts motor power. It gives quicker work, more thorough processing and lots of other advantages. The Pro series is better bought by those who want really great output from their purchase. But remember that Pro series with 900 watts would take more electricity during work.

Summary – what is better: Magic Bullet or Nutribullet

When comparing Nutribullet versus Magic Bullet you might find lots of common things for both devices. The differences are also there, so choose your purchase according to your wishes. If you’ve already had a blender which wasn’t enough powerful or all-purpose, then better choose Nutribullet.

Lots of potential buyers ask the same question: Magic Bullet or Nutribullet – which should I buy? If it’s your first blender for multipurpose tasks, you may save money and go to Magic Bullet. It also gives lots of splendid opportunities and doesn’t need lots of care. According to prices comparison Magic stays much lower than Nutribullet. So, make your choice according to your purposes and ideas for using equipment.

Our choice is: Nutribullet Pro – the device with ultimate power, optimal output and lots of useful functions. This purchase will replace many kitchen items for you.