Nutribullet vs Ninja – Two Splendid Blenders Comparison

There are big arguments between adorers of Nutribullet blenders and Nutri Ninja kinds of blending machines. Today we are going to solve the fights and find out which kind of blender you should buy to stay satisfied with your purchase. We’ll look at Nutribullet vs Ninja bullet and discover all wonderful features of the machines.

Looking at popularity of these two kinds of blenders, you can understand that the machines are not easy to distinguish and find out which is better. To look at differences between Nutribullet and Ninja Blender we’ll find the most popular propositions and compare them. With this comparison it’s possible to get the leader out.

NutriBullet vs Nutri Ninja

Of course, everything depends on what kind of blender you are looking for. If you want single serve version, go to Magic Bullet compact variants. For personal use you may need some 2 in 1 blender and juicer. So, let’s start our comparison and find the most important features of the two competitors.

Nutribullet PRO 900 watt – overview of the model

One of the most popular pieces of technology for Nutribullet company is the PRO version with 900 watt motor and lots of wonderful features. Professional instruments, certified 9-piece set with lots of mixing and blending variants. You still can’t use PRO 900 for juicing. But as the blender it has significant pros:

  • certified refurbished models which cost less and work like new;
  • absolutely great quality to make any task you really need to do;
  • 900 watt motor which can grind, mix, chop and stir anything you want;
  • simple and very compact construction, absolutely easy to use;
  • technological production, no major problems with construction.

Nutri Ninja Pro – important Ninja product to mention

Let’s now compare Nutribullet PRO and Nutri Ninja PRO. These are both 900 watts power and of the same price range. Choosing the best price you won’t find major difference between thee two variants. We are speaking about Nutri Ninja PRO BL450. This is the cheapest variant of the blender. There are still more expensive and more interesting BL451 and BL456.

Ask what’s better – Ninja or Nutribullet, and you won’t get clear advice even from professionals. There are hundreds of opinions. So, this version is prepared to give you most efficient extraction, lots of vitamins in your food guaranteed. There is also the option of frozen blending.

Ninja Professional Blender – another word in kitchen technology

The best competitor for Nutribullet is Ninja Blender. You can easily read reviews and see that this one is great with astonishing features in operation. It offers 1100 watts of motor and is really powerful in grinding any product you need. It crashes whole vegs and fruit in moments and keeps working with power for a very long time. 72 oz capacity of cups in XL variant is great capacity – you may easy produce fresh smoothies for your whole family.

If you want to expand your market research, read our comparison of Nutribullet vs Magic Bullet blenders, too.

It’s interesting that cups with lids are included in the set of Ninja Professional Blender. And still the price stays at a very low level. But if you ask which is better – Ninja or Nutribullet, there is still no clean answer. Anyway, we may say that Ninja gives lots of new technologies and we find it great for anyone to buy.

Maybe, Magic Bullet will decide the argument?

Another brand of Nutribullet is Magic Bullet which is quite popular now around the US. This variant of optimal single serve blender can do many tasks for small money. With 600 watts power motor it has no troubles in operating with different kinds of products. You can notice next interesting features in the Magic Bullet blender:

  • no problem in making combined smoothies with different vegs and fruit;
  • make it strongly smash the food or pulse it in different ways;
  • unusual design of blades to make all the work more effectively;
  • lots of things in the set – it’s useful for sportsman and active people;
  • there are no problems with quality – warranty is quite ok.

So, which blender model should I buy?

Price comparison doesn’t make any sense here – all products are on the same level. Putting the Nutribullet PRO versus Nutri Ninja PRO we can find out many interesting about both of these blenders. There are still some other ideas and models on the market.

Our choice is: Nutri Ninja Professional. Let the Nutribullet producer forgive us, but we suppose Ninja is better than its opponent because of quality, abilities and the standard set.