Omega J8006 Overview and Testing – Find Both Sides

Would you like to get really healthy food? Then it’s high time to think of buying a juicer. There are lots of models you can choose from but now we offer to focus on Omega 8006. This is incredible machine which can really surprise you with its speed, quality and amount of freshly made juice from fruit and even vegs.

Before starting our review of J8006 model let’s find out what good can you get out of buying a devoce like this. It’s a really powerful nutrition center which can brings lots of vitamins into your diet. Among all same priced juice extractor this one proposes much more functions: it can even take butter out of nuts and seeds and also deal with whole-grain coffee.


This masticating nutrition center Omega J8006 has lots of competitors on the market. Making lots of product reviews and comparisons we can decide which one is best to buy. Now we’ll look at positive and negative features of this incredible juice extractor model.

What are the pros of buying Omega Juicer 8006?

  • it can deal with leafy products or grains of all types;
  • there are huge amount of ideas for using it in your kitschen;
  • 15 years warranty for motor is great deal;
  • strong stainless steel parts can cope with everything;
  • extremely high yield – it’s like a commercial machine;
  • cleaning and using equipment are quite simple.

Are there any cons in the Omega nutrition center with single auger?

It may be of too much productivity and functional for beginners, and thus it will be expensive for them. Also note that this model of commercial nutrition center of 8006 Juicer is quite bulky and takes lots of free space on your kitchen. One may also think that the chute is made not so comfortable for pushing fruit – you better chop all food before pushing it inside. These are really all cons which we could see in the juice extractor.

Where is the best price for Omega 8006 and its parts?

Marvelous black and chrome piece of technology for your kitchen isn’t necessarily expensive. Lots of prospective buyers ask where to buy such device. It’s quite obvious – via internet you can offer quick delivery and get the same warranty as in big city shops. And you can purchase the cheapest parts for your juicer as well.

Omega 8005 vs 8006 – which is better?

If you want to know what the difference is between J8005 and J8006, look at their specs. The first one is cheaper for a third of price. But 8005 possesses lower motor volume. It’s hard to work with leafy products and there are less functions in the cheaper extractor. Though, if you want to save up some money, think of this one.

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It’s interesting that among replacement parts a lot of buyers try to find 8005 juicer’s screen. It shows that this model isn’t as reliable as the more expensive one. To say the truth, 8006 auger is much better. But still you can buy another model and save your money.

Omega 8004 vs 8006 – another competitor comparison

One more idea to compare two great juicers is to look at J8004 model of the same producer. Some features of legend NC800 went to this model. It’s still cheaper than J8006, but it really has nearly the same specs. Both run quite quietly and make no bad noise while working. You won’t see them very cheap as used or on sales – both juicers are quite popular, and buyers appreciate having them on their kitchens.

You can save up to 50 USD and buy 8004 model. But there are some cons in this juice extractor. Looking at the reviews of customers we can clearly see that 8006 juicer is much more reliable and still has more powerful commercial motor.

Green Star Elite vs Omega 8006 – what about other producers?

Lots of beginners see Green Star Elite 5000 as the step up from Omega 8006 commercial juicer type. But professionals and experienced users of such equipment would agree that it’s too much for a home kitchen. Green Star Elite GSE 5000 is the best thing to buy for a small café. You’ll pay twice more than for Omega one and get nearly the same possibilities.

Though, if you produce really much juice and other products of masticating juicers, go ahead and buy Green Star Elite. In the manual of 8006 you’ll though find the same figures and possibilities.

Omega 350HD vs Omega 8006 – look at differences

HD screen and 15 years of warranty – your durable 350HD juicer will serve you a lot of time and bring only happy moments while cooking. Though, don’t forget that it costs even more than J8006 model. With exactly the same motor these two devices stay in one line of competence, so the price can be seen as slightly higher than expected.

350 HD model has nearly the same instruction and manual, but it helps take more functions. Vertical form gives less noise and makes it easier to find optimal place for device on the kitchen. Are there any ideas about buying Omega 350HD Juicer?

So, what should I really buy among all Omega juicers?

Even comparing juicers 8003 vs 8004 vs 8005 vs 8006 you won’t find any real difference if you are just beginner in healthy food rocky way. But if you’ve already had a juice extractor which wasn’t enough, it’s important to choose commercial or half commercial thing to buy from the shop.

In this way J8006 stays one of the most interesting models for buying.

Our choice is: Omega J8006. It has the most powerful motor, easy use and cleaning, not much noise and great amount of function.