Omega Juicers – masticating and centrifugal kitchen masters

One of important helpers on your kitchen is a juicer which can feed you with big amount of needed vitamins and minerals. Freshly made juice is great to consume regularly, so it’s cheaper to buy a juice extractor than to order the drinks in cafes. Today we look at Omega Juicer and try to find the best and optimal idea for home juicing.

First question a lot of buyers ask is if the Omega juicing machines are BPA free. And the answer is clear – yes, the brand looks at quality and healthy options to provide optimum ideas for your food making. All latest new extractors are completely ecology friendly. In lots of reviews you can read about masticating models, but the producer also offers other decisions which are great for some kitchen procedures.


So, our aim is to find out which juice maker is best at squeezing fruit and vegetables to provide healthy meals for you. And for this reason we took all popular models of Omega and compared them to other propositions on the market. At first let’s look at bestsellers and optimal qualities of this extractors and then move to comparisons. By the way, there are even some commercial masticating juicers in Omega’s proposition.

Best ideas and technologies in Omega Juicers to use in your kitchen

In model range of the brand you can find lots and lots of ideas for healthy food changes in your everyday life. Nearly all machines are great with quality; they are top rated among competitors and fill all niches in the market. So, you can clearly get a lot out of buying. The common pluses and specific features of all devices are next:

  • they propose really good production quality and optimal materials;
  • there are plenty of replacement parts on the market to repair;
  • you will find tutorials and recipe books in the set of equipment;
  • all models keep nutrition level of the juice on the top point;
  • operating these machines is not a problem even for beginners.

Omega J8006 – the bestseller and exquisite piece of technology

In comparison with one of the first Omega 1000 Juicer this model proposes you a lot more possibilities. It’s number one bestseller in whole model range and even among competitors. The device gives you slow 80 RPM masticating technology of juicing which helps to keep the juice hydrated and save all vitamins. You can read our full review of J8006 in here. Among many pluses we’ll speak about next ones:

  • fast and nutritious processing of all fruit, vegs and leafy greens;
  • possibility to work with wheatgrass – the best gain of that juice type;
  • horizontal stable position and not much space on your working zone;
  • very quiet and efficient operation in all modes of using;
  • really high yield and automatic system of pulp ejection.

We can continue this range up to eternal list of pluses. This device goes in no comparison with other ideas and appears to be the best decision if you possess enough money for it. All-purpose and high quality kitchen system will give you visible pros in using.

Omega J8003, J8004, J8005 – which one to choose?

There are a lot of other models in the producer’s range. Let’s now have a look at previous generations of J-series. J8003 Nutrition Center is the simple variant of juice extractor with slow commercial masticating system. It provides great quality and duration of work. But the yield will probably be higher in J8004 Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating. With the same motor it provides more sustainable working modes. It also can be easier to use than other variants.

To this category we may also add Omega Twin Gear technology juicing machine. It’s powerful but not very popular because of bad customer responds. You may also be interested in single gear J8005 Center which seems to be the most appropriate for heavy job. It’s also commercial model which is quite easy to process. Though, it’s also the cheapest product from all the J-series range. So, we would choose exactly this one to make family drinks for healthy food options. Want to buy it right now? .

Omega NC800 or NC900 – let’s find the best idea

Among other propositions we can note NC-series of juicing devices. These are suitable for homes as well as for restaurants. Heavy Duty technology helps the extractor work with lots of products continuously. Automatic pulp ejection will save your time. The NC800HDS is silver color and NC800HDR is red. The last one costs more, so decide if you really want to pay for color.

We would choose NC900HDC model which is great chrome color and has optimal technical specs. The pluses of this model are in more output, good yield and optimal quality of juice. These factors make it a little more expensive and sometimes it becomes deciding factor. Anyway, you may get to know customer reviews or check the price.

Omega VRT330, VRT350 and VRT400 – vertical single auger series

Previously we paid attention to vertical models only. Let’s now look at VRT350HD commercial heavy duty variant of vertical slow juicing machine. It provides the same 80 RPM motor and takes the smallest amount of place on your working zone. Electricity is consumed wisely and the yield is quite high. Compact and very solid idea for home or even for small café needs for reasonable money.

Vertical masticating heavy duty model is also represented by a weaker VRT330HD which is inexpensive but not as popular as you might think and has quite a few complaints. This Slow Vertical Masticating model is quite up-to-date though. And also there is a VRT400HD model with exactly the same technical specs and some changes in the set of accessories. So, we wouldn’t pay more and get the same characteristics. VRT350 seems to be the golden middle in this range.

Omega BMJ330 and BMJ300 models – what is the difference?

Another interesting commercial model of juice extractor is BMJ330. It proposes a lot of differences in operation, has optimal vertical position and easy control. You won’t find a lot of cons in this model, however, BMJ-series isn’t as popular as other ones. For a home it’s a great choice because of the price. You can see it as one of the cheapest producer’s propositions. By the way, this machine is in out review of the easiest juicing equipment in cleaning.

There is also BMJ300 model but it’s sold now only used and doesn’t have big ratings. So, the pros of BMJ330 are as follows:

  • commercial 350 watt motor with great work abilities;
  • pulp ejection system which makes possible the durable working;
  • stainless steel body which won’t be destroyed even with big troubles;
  • big mouth to put fruit and vegs into the machine;
  • optimal quality of juices with no pulp in them.

Breville Juice Fountain vs Omega 8006 – which one to buy?

Let’s compare Breville’s masticating extractor to the known J8006 model. It proposes 1000 watt power and gives juicing at 13 000 RPM. It also has second gear with 6500 RPM and comparatively slow juicing. Breville is made of high quality materials, is BPA free and proposes range of filters for your juice. The mouth is also big and can take whole fruit and vegs with no primary preparations.

Dishwasher safe parts are aimed at saving your time. There aren’t any troubles in using, cleaning and storing the piece of kitchen equipment made by Breville. The price is slightly less than of Omega J8006. But there are also some cons in comparison. So, the choice is yours. If you want to find out more information about Breville’s masticating juicer, read customer responds.

Are there any other options to compare with Omega?

You can make comparison of other juicing machines and find out which you’d like to buy. There are lots of different brands and ideas for you healthy food changes. But still you need to choose the price range and decide which characteristics are important for you. Let’s look at some optimal competitors of Omega juicing machines:

  • Hurom HU-100 Masticating Slow Juicer – if you believe the customer reviews, it’s not as good as J8006 or even other models, though it proposes 35% more yield with every fruit you put into it;
  • Champion Commercial Heavy Duty Juicer – another option with the same money with strong motor, optimal accessory set and 10 years warranty, it can really be the competitor for 8006 model;
  • Jack LaLanne Power Juicer – interesting idea for saving money, but make sure you know that your juice won’t be as clean and won’t taste as good as in more expensive propositions.

So, if we are speaking about real competition, there is Champion Juicer to pay attention to. You may simply read reviews.

So, what juicer should I buy in Omega product range?

It’s a difficult question and you need to find the answer by yourself. Look at the tasks you need to provide and the types of food for juicing in general. Among all products of Omega producer we chose optimal ideas and presented their pluses and minuses. Though, you surely need to find the best variant for your kitchen taking into account the type of job you want the machine to do.

Our choice is: Omega J8006 Nutrition Center. This is the most universal, optimal in specs and quality product of the company. It offers a lot of possibilities for juicing and you may find it really helpful in everyday kitchen routine.