Smoothie Cups and Convenient Containers for Travel – Choose the Best

Popularity of smoothies as the easiest healthy drink and food grows rapidly. You can consume lots of vitamins on the go with no problem. For this you should buy smoothie cups. Splendid solution for healthy meals and brakes during a working day.

There are plenty of producers and brands in this field. Simple containers, mugs with special equipment to keep your drinks cold or warm, comfortable lids, and reusable straws. All kinds of tumblers find their owners in sport, office, active lifestyle and other situations.


If you don’t know what kind of tumbler for fresh drinks to choose, read our review and comparison. There are some accurate features to look at when buying such kind of cup. Let’s deal with all important features.

What travel cup for smoothie to go should I buy?

To answer this question you should decide where you will use your purchase. Of course, we speak about reusable smoothie cups which can be used hundreds of times. So, the things to know about your future healthy food equipment are as follows:

  • material of production, its quality and producer’s warranty;
  • comfortable lids and straws if you need them to drink on the go;
  • more travel options to keep your drink at needed temperature;
  • size and volume of liquid you can put into the mug.

These are the most important features. And looking at them we found some interesting ideas for you to buy. Let’s look closer to all kinds of mugs you can purchase right now.

Vitamix cup for smoothie to go – review and reports

Maybe, one of the most popular reusable and solid tumblers for freshly made drinks. You can use it with majority of blenders and juicers, keep your drink in optimal conditions. Glass options are not as convenient as this special plastic container to hold your drinks. It can keep up to 20 ounces and can be used with all Vitamix blenders. Convenient lid makes it easier to use for making healthy food options 2 go.

Nutri Ninja Tritan Cup – great blender travel mug

Another great option to look at is Ninja product. It also can be used in company with your blender, has optimal shape and can contain up to 24 ounces. If you wanted glass smoothie cup with a lid, choose this one. It’s made of transparent special plastic, has optimal lid shape and is safe for hot beverages.

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You might note that Nutri Ninja Cup is slightly more expensive than its opponents. But you get the set of two plastic smoothie cups with lids which will fit small family requirements.

Simply Green Solutions – stainless and eternal purchase

The tumbler of Simply Green Solutions is made of stainless steel and proposes great convenient shape. The reusable straw will shorten your costs in future – no need to buy disposable accessories. Among the smoothie cups with lids and straw this one has lots of great features for comfortable use.

The amount of 18 ounces is quite enough for training or short travel. Double stainless steel walls make it easier to keep the temperature of your food and drinks. It costs not much more than plastic variants, but this one will serve you more.

Mira Steel Water Bottle – ready to hold your smoothies

This one you can’t call a mug, it has the shape of bottle which is great for carrying around. Though, you can’t use it with a blender to make less cleaning. Double walls made of steel help keep the temperature and will save your meal for a long time. Mira Water Bottle is quite small – only 17 ounces, but it will surely be enough to carry one-person smoothie-to-go.

The visible advantage in shape gives one disadvantage – you can’t install any straw directly into the lid. The lid itself is in shape of bottle one and must be taken off before drinking. But the good side – Mira is appropriate decision for any drinks you want to carry with you.

So, what kind of smoothie mug would you buy?

The question, where can I buy smoothie cups with appropriate shape and features, is easy to answer – get it with delivery via internet and save up your time and money. Speaking about models, make sure you choose the optimal material – glass, steel or plastic. Lots of brands will offer you optimal decision.


Our choice is: Vitamix To-Go-Cup. Optimal volume, great plastic material and comfortable lid. You can still use it for any purpose you want.