The Easiest Juicer to Clean – Find the Best One

The idea of cleaning blender or juicer after using isn’t very attractive to most owners. So, everyone tries to find easy to clean juicer which takes just a few seconds to clean up. There are plenty of such models which allow to take apart equipment and to wash it without even using dishwasher.

The easiest variant is to choose single serve type of bullets with compact size. It has less parts and less cup volume to make dirty while using. Big and difficult construction won’t help in here. While choosing the best option on the market look at our review of the easiest to clean juicers and find out which one you’d like to buy.


Today we are going to compare some kinds of blenders and decide which one is easier to maintain. Remember that every kitchen machine possesses its own shape and types of disassembling after use. We’ll take into account every single characteristic which has the effect on cleaning time.

What kind of blender should I buy for easy and fast cleaning?

In masticating juicers there aren’t any problems with cleaning up the equipment. In here the food which is being processed never touches the majority of parts. So, you’ll need to wash just some of working instruments.

Sport small blenders are also not very hard to maintain. These variants have small cups and simple blades which are the only parts to wash. All other machine parts have no contact with food.

Centrifugal and vertical masticating juicers – are not so easy to clean up usually. But there are some producers which provide optimal construction. So, you still can get a lot of pros with buying such types of blender. Let’s look at optimal models in all these fields..

Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain

This is one of the most reliable and desirable juicing equipment which is made in Australia. Breville proposes some kinds of machines, and BJE200XL is one of the best according to maintaining. It gives powerful work, optimal cleaning options and stays very reliable.

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Though the kit is not so big, it contains only couple of accessories. One year warranty also won’t be the best. But the price is optimal for this kind of kitchen systems. You should note that customers call it best vegetable juicer.

L’Equip Mini Pulp Ejection Juicer

The simple cleaning up is not the only plus of L’Equip kind of juicing machine. We must admit that this is one of the best small equipment with compact size and really wonderful price. It has a lot of features which you could call ultimate pluses:

  • great motor which gives optimal power of 480 watt;
  • the RPM stays at 10 000 rotations, it’s multipurpose variant;
  • while producing the pulp ejection system eliminates all trash;
  • a lot of parts made from stainless steel are high quality and long lasting;
  • the warranty goes to 10 years for parts and 3 years for all types of blades.

So, better choose L’Equip Mini Pulp Ejection Juicer if you want small but powerful device with a lot of possibilities to process different products. It gives lots of advantages in maintaining. We should call it one of the most solid self cleaning juicers with optimal ejection system.

Omega BMJ330

It’s one more compact and small best self cleaning juicer you can buy on the market. Ejection system works really well, there are no problem with maintaining and working. Motor isn’t big – it’s only 350 watts, but it’s of good features for work. You better choose fruit only to provide optimal work.

Omega BMJ330 will economize electricity in your home. It’s also of great price on the market which gives additional pluses for buying. Such type of equipment will always be optimal for kitchen. Especially if you want to make natural juices and fresh drinks with fruit.

Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus

This kind of juice extractor is universal and quite popular with buyers. It has much more powerful motor than previous variants. In Breville 850 watt help customer to extract juice from any type of vegs and fruit. It’s of high quality, gives all ideas for foor processing and has good warranty. The price stays at middle level.

You’ll need just 5 seconds to create 5 oz of juice. Quick operation is not the only great thing in this machine. With cleaning you won’t have any problem. As any equipment of this brand Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus won’t make you stay long on the kitchen and do some washing up.

Breville BJE510XL Juice Fountain Multi-Speed

There is another Breville self cleaning juicer which is the most powerful of its kind. 900 watts of power and 5 speed modes give a lot of freedom in juicing. This model provides optimal conditions for extracting juices. But there is another plus – it’s very quiet in work, so big motor doesn’t create noise. Of course, you’ll have to pay a little more money, but you get really more possibilities.

Kuvings – professional juicers with high price

Big motors, great accessories, wide range of possibilities – these are the features of professional Kuvings juice extractors. You will find a lot of pros in buying Kuvings B6000S for your home needs. Yes, it costs more than any home type of machine. But it gives you quicker operation and very fast cleaning.

For this type of extractor you’ll need a lot of fruit and vegs, because the juice in it is tasty and it will be consumed a lot. Homogeneous mixture of vitamins will always be ready in just a couple of seconds.

Jack LaLanne Power Juicer – how to clean this machine?

Producer gives you lots of optimal features to think of buying Jack LaLanne Power Juicer. It’s great kind of juice extractor which can do every task you want. We can call it professional with all the features it proposes to buyers:

  • simple and whisper quiet work will ensure comfort;
  • great warranty for every part including 3600 RPM motor;
  • special technology for gathering all pulp and provide self cleaning;
  • no problems with how to disassemble Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Pro;
  • optimal ideas of how to use the machine in producer’s book.

So, what kind and model of juicer I must buy for easy cleaning?

It’s not so simple to find the best variant of juicing machine. A lot of producers offer lots of technologies. If you want professional power, buy Jack LaLanne or Kuvings. To provide quick and simple operation Breville and Omega will be the best.

Our choice is: Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus. It’s powerful enough and very compact, the machine can manage to do all tasks you want it to do. The quality and warranty are the best among competitors. Want to know more?