Juicer Blender Combo – Choose the Best Variants

Combining lots of functions in one device – is the motto for many producers and inventors. Making life easier and giving customers more in one single thing started to be necessary for every product you now can buy in the shop. So, why not combine such great and necessary things as juicer and blender? We’ll get out of it extraordinary thing – blender juicer combo. This piece of technology has everything to appeal to you.

Many people now look at catalogs in shops and try to guess which kitchen unit is better – blender or juicer. Today you can easily buy everything at once. You’ll just need to find out the optimal model.


So, what about all in one for you kitchen? Blender and juice extractor in one body can make you fresh smoothie for happy and healthy morning and then treat you with great juice just out of fresh fruit. Let’s see what we can get out of it.

Should I buy a blender juicer combo? Qaulity and abilities

Speaking about quality – there is no chance that combo thing will be of less quality then the same priced blender and juicer all together. So, you can save up your money with buying such technology for your kitchen. There are visible pros of purchasing this device:

  • two functions and many other additional ways to use the instrument;
  • a lot of cups in the original set – for all ideas on your kitchen;
  • wide choise of producers – such things are quite popular nowadays;
  • you’ll surely save space on the working table and in shelves;
  • it’s a good idea to find lots of possibilities with little money.

You can find budget friendly or exclusive and expensive types of combo juicing machines and blenders. But the choice isn’t purely about money.

Breville BJB840XL – probably the best combined device ever

If you want optimal and best combination of many functions, go to Breville. This producer won’t let you down with the quality of products. There are simply no competitors if you look at Breville’s customer reviews. For a combo juicer and blender it’s really great to have such features as more than 1000 watt motor and easy changing of functions. You won’t also need to clean it up long.

If you want a simple but solid juicer, then go to review of Breville BJE510XL and plan your purchase.

As every Breville product, this juicer/blender also gives top-grade quality and appeals to the customers with optimal figures and possibilities. With this machine you’ll make healthy food in the morning and during the day. You won’t need to decide which is best – juice or smoothie and more. Just think of what you want right now.

The Sharper Image Juicer/Blender – look at the single competitor

You might think, why I should pay a lot of money for Breville if there are huge amount of different producers. Let’s look at one of them. It’s The Sharper Image. It offers just one single product which can be the competition to the above mentioned Breville. The initial features of this one are as follows:

  • motor has 600 watts which isn’t fully enough especially when making smoothie;
  • container for blending has 60 ounces which is quite great for a blender;
  • two speeds and pulse option give it a great plus among any competitors;
  • it’s not as small and compact as a simple blender, but still isn’t huge;
  • the operation is easy and there aren’t any difficulties in cleaning up.

But still there are lots of cons which mirror in worse customer reviews. The Sharper Image Juicer/Blender is nearly three times cheaper than Breville’s machine. So, it shows that there may be some troubles in construction. Anyway, we may see a lot of positive features in this device.

So, what combo blender and juicer in one should you buy?

Choosing the best option is always not so easy. This type of kitchen equipment has only started to gain popularity. It’s still quite unknown among healthy lifestyle adorers. But there are enough pieces to choose from. For our today’s review we decided to check Breville BJB840XL and cheaper The Sharper Image.

Our choice is: Breville BJB840XL. Having studied the market, we didn’t find any other juicer/blenders combo which we really liked. Powerful motor, wise construction and moderate price make this equipment easier to run.